Purchase Agreement

Monthome DIY Materials Purchase Agreement

All PDF files were designed and copyrighted by us (© Monthome). By purchasing these PDF files you agree that you will not copy, modify, sell or distribute these PDF file or printed versions of them. There are no resell rights associated with all of the PDF files. Monthome grants the purchaser of the original PDF file permission to make one copy per PDF file sold (unless otherwise stated, e.g. with the game Contax PDF files you are required and allowed to print them twice) for OWN USE ONLY. You are also allowed to print and make multiple copies of all writing sheets for OWN USE ONLY.

While every method had made to make sure the accuracy of the Chinese strokes sequence, should the purchaser find any error, please notify info@monthome.com as soon as possible so that corrections can be made.

Also, different fonts for the Chinese character on the left side with pinyin (the one in red) and the Chinese characters on the right side demonstrating the strokes sequence were used, a few characters may appear different in presentation, in such case, please follow the stroke sequence characters to write, while the character on the left with pinyin is used to help with reading the character.

There are NO returns or exchanges on PDF Files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open and print these file. All files were designed with A4 paper size setting, to obtain the best result, please print in A4 papers.